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Allegory Adds Full Suite of Transcript Tools to Its One-Stop Litigation Management Solution

The Tools You Need for Litigation Management - Podcast with Amy Bowser-Rollins

Litigation Tooltips - Allegory Co-Hosts CLE with Percipient and PacerPro

5 Questions With Alma Asay - Above the Law Innovation Award Winner

Litigation Tooltips: A Holistic Approach to Legal Technology - ABA Webinar

Alma Asay Featured in Huffington Post Interview

Allegory's Alternate Path to Legal Tech Funding

When Leaving Big Law, the Financial Struggle Is Real - Allegory Founder Shares Her Story

Allegory raises over $500,000 from industry leaders; Bob Rowe joins the Board of Directors

Alma Asay at LegalWomensForum

How Alternative Legal Service Providers are Changing the Way Legal Work Gets Done

AJTA Symposium Part 2 - Training Young Litigators Through Just in Time Learning

AJTA Symposium Part 1 - Improving Your Practice with Legal Tech

Who is Driving Legal Tech Adoption?

#BakersDozen Interview with High Performance Counsel

What is Litigation Knowledge Management?

It's Not Just Software, It's Best Practices - Podcast for Law Technology Now

Allegory Wins Best Litigation Solution at Above the Law Innovation Awards

The Worlds of Silicon Valley and New York Law are Very Different for Women - Legal Executive Institute Interview with Alma Asay

Alma Asay Invited to Speak at 2016 International Judicial Symposium in South Korea

Allegory at Thomson Reuters' Law Firm Leaders' Forum

Legal Entrepreneurship: Evolving Market Needs - Panel at LexTech West

5 Ways Lawyers Can Pitch Technology To Win New Business - Article for Law Technology Today

From Production to Trial, the Tools Attorneys Use and Still Need - ILTACON 2016

Redefining Complex Litigation - Alma Asay at Legal Horizons Conference

The Next Generation of Litigation Technology: Looking Beyond eDiscovery

Allegory Founder Named as a 2016 Fastcase 50 Award Winner

What Is Allegory and Why Do You Need It?

How to Harness the Power of Legal Tech – Podcast for Association of Legal Administrators

Interview of Allegory Founder in Wisconsin Law Journal

Future of Legal Services at the Corporate Counsel Congress

Allegory Founder Judges Stanford CodeX FutureLaw Moot Court: 2020 Legal Tech on Trial

Law Technology Today Profiles Allegory, Alma Asay, and the Pain Points of Litigation

Are you the Lawyer of the Future? Panel at the ABA International Spring Meeting

Allegory Founder Featured in LTRC’s Women of Legal Tech List

Litigation Challenges, Solutions, and Metrics - Podcast with Evolve Law

Allegory Exhibits at ABA TechShow

Allegory Introduces Automated Litigation Features at ABA TECHSHOW

6 Reasons Why LegalTech Companies Should NOT Take VC Money

CodeX on Legal Tech Startups to Watch in 2016

Penn Law and Bloomberg Bring Out Legal Tech Entrepreneurs

Making Software For Hard Cases – NYU Law Alumni Magazine

Allegory Law Founder Alma Asay Featured on Above The Law

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