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[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 12, 2017 12:00:00 PM / by Lily Bruns

In an interview with Zac Hale for High Performance Counsel, Allegory Founder and CEO, Alma Asay, shares the story of what drove her to be a leader in legal tech and comments on change in the legal industry.

"My goal – for my own company, as well as the industry – is to enable lawyers to be lawyers again." - Alma Asay Tweet this

Read on for some of Asay's best quotes from the interview:

On Success

"My greatest triumph is each customer who reports back on how Allegory helped them stay on top of their case – in ways they couldn’t have without it – and to spend more time being the lawyer or paralegal they were trained to be."

On Mistakes

"I’ve learned to run toward, not away from, mistakes. Owning and learning from each mistake along the way has made our team and our product stronger, and driven our successes."

On Changing Leadership

"It can be straight up painful to be practicing law in a 21st century world with 21st century amounts of information, using 20th century ways of practice. Thankfully, law firm leadership is finally catching up on the consequences of not encouraging change – and stepping up to drive that change."

On The Transformation of Legal Practice

"To me, it’s more about returning lawyers to the state of how they practiced before the rise of technology resulted in information overload. Once upon a time, lawyers actually practiced law. That will happen again as a result of new players and new technology to absorb all of the non-lawyer work that has arisen out of so much more information.

Read the full interview here on High Performance Counsel.


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