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[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 15, 2016 1:00:00 PM / by Lily Bruns

Are you the Lawyer of the Future? This was a question posited to the audience at the ABA Section of International Law 2016 Spring Meeting. Lawyers are often given a bad rep for trailing at the heels of technological change, but those leading the charge see an exciting future for law and legal practice. The ABA Section of International Law brought together a diverse group of lawyers turned technologists, to discuss how radical changes in the delivery of software and services are already impacting the industry.



Technology's growing influence

Automation, outsourcing, and online marketplaces have already swept through Silicon Valley, but the disruption of the legal industry is just beginning. For young lawyers like moderator Adam Weryha, their careers will be defined by the escalating convergence of technology and legal services.

Envisioning the future

Speaking from their experience in the trenches, the panel painted a picture of what "the lawyer of the future" looks like and the tools and partnerships that they use to deliver legal services. The panel took on questions such as:

  • What will the law firm of the future look like?
  • What risks, if any, do lawyers face by continuing to practice as they always have?
  • How will legal services in the future be delivered differently to corporate clients versus consumers?

The panelists focused on the ways in which technology plus standardized processes embedded in technology enable lawyers of the future to have more opportunies themselves (e.g., to continue to provide services even after relocating overseas), as well as to provide more predictable (in quality and cost), enhanced services to their clients.

Questions from the audience led to additional discussion about what measures constitute reasonable security precautions of today vs. tomorrow, as well as the logistics of operating and vetting lawyers providing services through online marketplaces.


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