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[fa icon="calendar"] Jun 2, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Lily Bruns

Allegory founder and CEO, Alma Asay, was invited to share her technology insights on a podcast with litigation support guru, Amy Bowser-Rollins.

Within the community of journalists and legal professionals covering the latest technologies and most exciting conferences, Amy has carved her niche speaking to and for the unsung heroes of litigation support. The tools that have revolutionized the daily practice of litigation might not seem as exciting as the latest legal-chatbot or AI, but to Amy, software that addresses the pain points of day-to-day practice is her bread and butter. We were thrilled when Amy invited us to take a deep-dive into our software as part of her new Legal Tech Mastery series.

"My audience needs to know about this tool. I don't typically market one software product over another, but this one is so close to what I used to do as a legal secretary, and then moving into litigation support. Working with litigators and hearing the frustrations of them trying to practice law - my thing is I'm litigation support, but in the end, the litigators, they just want to practice law. All this technology stuff just landed in their laps."

- Amy Bowser-Rollins

Software that solves the day to day pain points of litigation

As a former litigator herself, Asay understands the feeling. The earliest "prototype" of Allegory was an effective but laborious system of Excel spreadsheets that Asay devised while practicing at Gibson Dunn. When she finally made the leap to building Allegory's litigation management platform, this experience formed the backbone of our product.

The advantages of using software for litigation knowledge management


Working with documents in an online platform allows attorneys and paralegals to share their insights. With Allegory, you go through a 100-page document one time and identify what's important about it. Then, for the rest of the case, any time someone pulls up that document, they can get up to speed quickly and offer their own insights in return. Instead of adding post-its to documents in a folder, entire case teams can collaborate from many locations, all at once.


You don't have to be in the office to access important documents, and you also have a method of sharing those documents that's secure. While small teams may still be able to share a folder in an office, large-scale litigation requires modernized tools. Complex litigation cases are now spread across the firm, or across many firms, and clients often want to check on cases or weigh in themselves. Even with shared drives, access is problematic - most firms can't even share files across their firewall. Our software allows teams to share and access materials in a secure workspace, from anywhere at anytime.


The best part about using our software for litigation is the way Allegory links all the documents and evidence in a case. When a document is used as an exhibit to both a correspondence and a pleading, for example, our system shows that relationship and gives you the links. You're not just pulling up a stand-alone document, you're seeing how it's been used throughout the entire case. Even better, if it was used as a complaint, you don't need to then search for the complaint, you can just click a link. With Allegory, you can even dive in more granularly and link just a specific piece of text within an exhibit, so somebody coming along later not only sees that something was used as an exhibit, they can see exactly what the arguments were about that document.

For even more tips and insights, you can listen to the podcast here on Litigation Support Guru.

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